About Us

WE ARE: Organic. Local. Fresh. Sustainable.

Grown Here Farms is on a mission: IMPACT – to touch as many lives as possible with pure, integrity-based organic produce and consumer goods, connected to higher consciousness.

Grown Here Farms embodies a pure, sustainable lifestyle in every stage of our cultivation practice. We believe in growing and producing delicious products naturally, using only what mother nature gave us. We believe that what goes into how a product is made or grown is just as important as what comes out. We believe in transparency in the supply chain – that you should know what is in your food, who grew it and how it was produced. And we believe that there is a reason grandma’s food tastes so much better than any other meal; it is the love that goes into it.

Love In, Love Out is our philosophy and we are fierce, scrappy, warrior goddesses about protecting the purity and the integrity of our mission, our products and our processes. We will not compromise.

Privately held, entirely female owned and led, Grown Here Farms is proud to make positive impacts on the environment by growing fresh, pure food that reflects a conscious lifestyle. We don’t partake in conventional agricultural practices. No pesticides, no chemicals; our products are planted biologically in the soil and grown in natural sunlight and water. All of our products have been infused with sound therapy, listening to high-vibrational frequencies, small-batch, hand-made.

Best of all, we are building our business sustainably, working towards a Net-Zero Carbon Footprint from seed-to-sale, as well as a business model of Planet – People – Profit, an ethical, triple bottom line that focuses on remaining accountable for our community and environment. For quality, fresh, organic food that comes from conscious hands and uncompromising purity, for a healthier lifestyle that makes a difference.

We have one planet, one life and one chance to make an impact. Which is why our products are raised with care, infused with higher consciousness, cultivated with love, and grown here.


We believe that social and environmental responsibility should be the foundation of every organization. That’s why we founded Grown Here Farms on 4 simple, sustainable concepts to form our philosophy.


Our products are grown sustainably and hand-raised with care by small lot farmers. There is never any questioning where your food came from. From seed to sale, farm to table, every item from Grown Here Farms reflects pure philosophies and fresh ingredients.


At Grown Here Farms, the word “organic” is not just a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle. Our products are all grown in a way that promotes the sustainable health of our planet. We are a certified organic farm that believes in maintaining an environmental and social responsibility to the environment, our community, and ourselves. We have one body and one planet that we all call home. Let’s make sure we take care of it.


Everyone leaves a footprint. It’s unavoidable. But everyone can help reduce the weight of their steps, whether as individuals, a community, or business. At Grown Here Farms, sustainable business is more than a bottom line: it’s about contributing to balance. We incorporate a business model that embodies regionalized production and globalized distribution. It means we team with small, family run farms that practice sustainability, and distribute products as sustainably as possible to help support local farms while maintaining our responsibility to our planet.


Our range of organic products are high-integrity, high-flavour, fresh and organic; you can taste the difference in every bite. We are fierce about product integrity, producing everything with human heartbeats, not machines, in small-lot, small-batch and hand-made. You eat wholesome food that contains zero additives, leaves you feeling good, connected, and like you made an impact.

Certified Organic by:
PACS #16-769

Certified Organic by:

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