Reconnecting People With Their Food, With Nature and With Each Other.

With a deep understanding of how our environment and food quality impacts our physical and mental health, sense of well-being, purpose in daily living and emotional state of mind, we design development projects, thinking from a holistic perspective.

A return-to-the-farm concept of living. Inspired by architects like Frank Lloyd-Wright who understood how to weave nature into how we dwell, not as an accent, but integrated. As if not to be able to separate one from the other. How can we really?  This idea of living in silos disconnected from nature is absurd.

Here’s what organic farmers understand: they understand that we are nature, we are not separate from it. That the best form of medicine is to take off your shoes and get your bare toes in the soil. That there is no better sense of purpose in daily living than to produce incredible, organic food to nourish and nurture your loved ones. That what builds community is coming together to solve problems with a common aim – and in farming, we do that every day. And that our physical, mental and emotional health are deeply impacted by how connected or disconnected we are from nature, the quality of the food we put in our bodies and how we are nourished by our environment.

And we bring those concepts and those values to residential development projects. Integrating return-to-the-farm concepts into residential design.  From edible landscaping, to organic food production for residents or strata restaurants, to fully functioning farms as part of the development design. Our purpose in these initiatives is to reconnect people back to their food, to nature and to each other.


Coming soon in 2021….we’re excited to launch our on-farm “kibbutz” community. We will have 6 A-Frame, 1 bedroom, fully off-grid tiny homes available for purchase. Homeowners will be required to volunteer 12 hours per week as part of the community in any area on the farm and will receive organic veggies as part of their community package. Get out of the chaos of the city, work from home, live on an organic farm and be part of this incredible lifestyle.  Contact us now for more information and to learn more.

Concept photos of cabins below (all photos courtesy of Pinterest).



Ariva is a beautiful 12.5 acre master planned lakeview estate with exceptional condominiums and a plethora of incredible amenities. Five minutes from downtown Kelowna but a world away. Ariva is designed to create an environment where people live healthier, happier and more active lives. Grown Here Farms is working with Ariva on the organic farm and edible landscaping components of their development, from concept to full operation.

Eden Green Living is an 80 unit, 2 acre adult living community planned in the North Okanagan. Small urban agriculture designed by Grown Here Farms is proposed as part of the project, set for construction start in mid-late 2021.  The organic gardens will feed the residents of the community through the farm-to-table cafe and bistro located in the building.