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Though they’re small, our microgreens pack a mighty punch – in flavour that is. Hand-picked with care and harvested through strict, certified organic processes, our microgreens are delivered freshly cut within 24 hours, carrying an intense flavour profile and visually stun with bright, bold colours.

Our two luxury salad blends, Main Street Mix and West End Blend, make the perfect addition to any dish, whether as a garnish, a side, or the main course!

• West End Blend
• Main Street Mix


Our small batch, handmade line of preserves are inspired from a traditional family recipe from our Co-Founder and VP of Product Development and Marketing, Jenn Lowther:

My mom knew the secret to a great jelly was fresh ingredients and lots of love. Every Christmas, she would spend hours pouring over our kitchen counter making delicious small batch pepper jelly for our whole family.

• Joni’s Habanero Pepper Jelly
• Strawberry White Balsamic Black Pepper
• Raspberry Cardamom
• Blueberry Lemon Thyme

Organic Loose Teas

Our teas are carefully grown to the highest standards. Each blend is designed around taking time to be mindful, bringing you healing and awareness to both body and mind with every nourishing, soulful sip.

Our leaves are cultivated from small-lot farmers in rural China, which means when you drink our tea, you know exactly where it’s coming from and are an integral part in supporting small lot farmers. Each of tea lines are blessed with the HU vibration, an ancient word for Spirit, to help reconnect you to yourself and your present moment.

Root Vegetables

Our farm is located on 60-acres of prime river bottom land on the beautiful Similkameen River. Surrounded by the sweeping mountain views of the beautiful Southern Okanagan, our farm has 60-acres of pristine river bottom land, growing over 45 varieties of certified organic vegetables.
We are diligent and mindful of our farming practices, using only nutrient dense soil, clean water, and the help of Mother Nature to grow some of the finest organic vegetables in the Province.

With a focus on onions, beets, carrots, shallots, and squash, we are proud to bring you only the best, natural selections of vegetables to nourish your mind, body, and soul. All of our products are grown while listening to the HU tone, the highest vibrational frequency in existence, bringing you a high-integrity, high-flavour and higher consciousness vegetable.

  • Heidi Wenzel


    “I just love your West End Blend microgreens. They are so amazingly delicious!”

    Heidi Wenzel
  • Aaron Dewinter


    “I love the combination of sweet heat and spicy peppers – reminds me of home. Thanks for sharing your family recipe!”
    Aaron Dewinter
  • Miranda Levy


    “I tried your Balance tea for the first time last week and it’s now a staple in my evening routine – gotta love that ginger!”
    Miranda Levy
  • Jelena


    “I just wanted to let you that I was blown away by your carrots. I just bought a bag from Thrifty Foods in Victoria and my family is devouring them with joy. Thank you for all of your hard work as organic farmers and for growing such delicious and nutritious foods!”


Just some of the products from our farm and greenhouse.