125mL: Strawberry White Balsamic Black Pepper

125mL: Raspberry Cardamom
November 20, 2017
250mL: Strawberry White Balsamic Black Pepper
November 20, 2017

125mL: Strawberry White Balsamic Black Pepper


We took the sweetness of ripe strawberries and combined it with the tang of white balsamic vinegar and fiery kick of black pepper.

*Made with organic ingredients
*Small batch, handmade

My mom, Joni, knew the secret to a great jelly was fresh ingredients and lots of love. Every Christmas, she would spend hours making delicious pepper jelly for my family.

In 2016, she lost her battle with ALS. Our preserves line is dedicated to her memory and keeping her traditions alive. With this in mind, we are donating partial proceeds from each jar of our preserves to the ALS Society of BC.
– Jenn

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